OLZ CEO Pius Zgraggen.

Team Pius Zgraggen

CEO and Founding Partner

Pius ist seit 2001 bei OLZ als Gründungspartner und Chief Executive Officer tätig. Zudem ist er Pius joined OLZ in 2001 as founding partner and Chief Executive Officer. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors and SFC license holder at the subsidiary OLZ (HONG KONG) Limited.

He graduated in economics from the Universities of Bern and Rochester (New York, USA). He has been a lecturer at the AZEK/CFPI in the module "Equity" for many years, a lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein in the field of "Corporate Valuation" and Visiting Professor at the PHW Bern in the subject "Value Management". His areas of expertise are financial management and capital markets.

He gained his practical experience at UBS, among others in the areas of Global Derivatives Risk Management and Risk Management Consulting, and as a long-time Research and Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Financial Management at the University of Bern. He is the author of various publications and co-author of the teaching aid "Handbook of Valuation".


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