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Welcome to OLZ Hong Kong

Be Smart.

We use a scientifically sound investment concept to achieve your investment goals whilst always remaining true to our core values. We advise you neutrally and free of conflicts of interest. The different style of asset management.

System for success.

Our Investment Solutions

From analytics to return. Our aspirations are investment solutions which are scientifically sound and offer you long-term added value. If you are an institutional investor and want more efficiency and less complexity in your investments - take a closer look at our investment solutions.

How does interest rate affect performance?

The relative performance of the minimum-variance portfolios (MV) primarily depends on the development of the stock market and not on the level of interest rates.

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About OLZ

Financial boutique OLZ (Hong Kong) Limited is an asset manager specialising in sustainable and risk-based portfolio optimisation and a subsidiary of OLZ AG, one of the largest independent Swiss asset managers. We systematically focus on: asset management free of conflicts of interest, a scientifically sound investment concept, sustainability, and completely transparent costs. Please find below the key facts about OLZ AG:

employees global
~ 500
clients global: institutional and private investors
locations: Bern, Zurich, Lausanne, Liechtenstein and Hong Kong
~ 3.5 bn USD
assets under management

Our Team in Hong Kong

The team in Hong Kong consists of three members: These are Pius Zgraggen (Executive Director and Responsible Officer), Alex Liu (Non Executive Director) and Padraig Seif (Responsible Officer)

‘We always felt like a challenger in boxing. One must not be merely equally good, but always a little better.’
‘The added value for our clients is based on a healthy corporate culture, motivated and competent employees, as well as transparent and well-founded investment solutions.’
‘Investors are looking for solutions that are simple, transparent, fair, attractive and profitable. OLZ was founded because investors rarely come across these solutions.

Pius Zgraggen

Carmine Orlacchio

Prof. Dr. Claudio Loderer

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