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As an asset manager, we always seek appropriate solutions for the different needs of our professional and institutional clients, offering the greatest possible flexibility. In doing so, we rely on facts, verified data and scientific models. The focus is on long-term and sustainable investment.

A typical OLZ customer appreciates our transparency and professionalism. He is convinced that a diversified and risk-optimised portfolio is the right thing to do and does not think much of speculation.

OLZ Hong Kong Padraig Seif.

Padraig Seif – Responsible Officer

Our investment concepts are based on clear, scientific principles and the latest research. In this way, we create innovative investment solutions that are data-based, scientifically sound and sustainable.

The systematics of long-term and risk-based asset management.

since 2004
asset management for institutional clients in Switzerland
over 10 years
successful fund track record
Nr. 1
best equity Switzerland manager (investment trusts)
since 2017
integration of ESG criteria